Do you dare to canna-cook?

Cooking is already a fun activity and can serve to relieve stress and anxiety. It can be done alone or with company, and tasting the end results is not bad at all. Making dishes made with marijuana is an even more fun activity and the results can be recreational to enjoy with friends or medicinal for your own use; cooking with marijuana is not very complicated. However, in order to get a proper effect from your recipes with marijuana, you have to follow a series of steps and many times we ask ourselves questions when preparing these recipes; how much marijuana to use, how long it takes to take effect, etc.
It is normal that this kind of doubts arise when we start in cannabis cooking, so we leave you the best tips to make cooking with marijuana easy and simple.

Can marijuana be eaten?

Contrary to what people usually think, fresh and “raw” feminized marijuana flowers contain very little THC (the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects). What they do contain in large quantities is THCA, the acidic form of THC. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is converted into THC when heated, either by combustion, vaporization or cooking. Furthermore, not all of these methods succeed in transforming all of the THCA into THC, with cooking being the most efficient way to harness the cannabinoids.
Another reason you can’t experience a psychoactive effect from eating raw marijuana is because THC needs to pass into the bloodstream to realize any kind of effect. The human digestive system is not built to be able to digest foods like raw flowers, which means that any THC residue that enters your system with the bud will be flushed out and never make it into your blood. For these reasons, you will never see a cannabis dish with edible buds or visible marijuana, as you must first infuse the cannabinoids.

Today we present you a very easy and simple recipe to make. How to make marijuana butter. This is essential in our kitchen to prepare any recipe with cannabis. Marijuana butter is a good alternative for those who want to consume cannabis without having to smoke or vaporize, both in medicinal and recreational use to give a special touch to our recipes and enjoy our meals in a different way.
It should be noted, the care we have to take with the dose of this type of recipes, since when eating, we take advantage of all the marijuana, while when smoking we only take advantage of 40%. With this we mean that its psychoactive effect is greater, and that we must control the doses that we eat starting little by little.
Next, we explain step by step the ingredients and the way of preparation.


  • 250gr butter
  • 500ml of water
  • 15gr of leaves with resin or 5gr of buds

Preparation of Marijuana Butter:

To elaborate our marijuana butter it is not necessary to use only buds, we can do it with the leaves with more resin, or mixing buds and leaves and thus save our best buds to smoke.
The first thing we must do is to boil our grass in water, over very low heat for 20 minutes, as we can rest assured that the water does not release the THC. In this way we will be able to remove the chlorophyll flavor and almost all impurities, leaving it ready to mix with butter.

When we are sure that our grass has released all its game and that we already have a homogeneous and greenish paste, it is time to filter our butter with a strainer, to ensure that we do not have any stubble.
We will have to let it cool at room temperature for a couple of hours, and then put it in the refrigerator and let it rest for 24 hours. We will have a layer of butter floating on the water, with a texture very similar to the one we bought, but with a much greener color.
Thus, we will have our simple recipe ready and we will know how to make marijuana butter.

Enjoy to use in any recipe this deliciousness!!!!

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