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If you want to know non-profit associations, legal and with good practices in the consumption of marijuana in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Contact us and we will help you to give you the best option in clubs and you can also read interesting articles about cannabis, such as its legalization in Spain, its uses, implications and others.
Want to join a club and don't know anyone?

These are organizations of cannabis users who join together to have a private space for consumption, create a closed and controlled circuit of self-supply and are based on risk prevention and harm reduction. In other words, they are users seeking to get out of the black market and have a comfortable and adapted space to consume cannabis.

Users must present an endorsement or testimony from a member attesting that he or she is a cannabis consumer. Afterwards, they sign a consumption forecast so that a global consumption forecast of the members can be made and thus have an orientation of how much to supply. In this way these entities work from the demand of cannabis of their members and not from the supply, prohibited by law and not breaking the closed circle there is no distribution to third parties.

No. Only persons of legal age who have previously been consumers and who have a guarantee certifying that they are consumers may be members of these CSCs. They are not open to minors, onlookers or tourists.

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WeedMadrid is a platform of passionate connoisseurs of the cannabis world and we firmly believe that all adults should have safe and legal access to its consumption to enjoy it recreationally and medicinally.

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